We inherited his recipe, and his stubborn insistence on quality.

Grandpa didn’t do anything halfway. He always said if something was worth doing—well then—it was worth doing right. So when he started making his own jerky more 30 years ago, grandpa used only prime cuts of meat and top-shelf spices. He took his time, fussing over his creations until the texture and flavor were absolutely perfect.

The result was jerky the likes of which we’ve never tasted. Before long, the whole family was looking for excuses to hang out at grandpa’s house. Fishing trips, family reunions, and hours on porch swing were all reasons to break out grandpa’s latest masterpieces.

Now, all these years later, we’ve decided grandpa’s recipe is too good not to share. We make it just the way he always did. ...And—well then—we do it right.